Designer Living Room Edit


The “Designer Living Room Edit” is simply breathtaking! Inspired by Deco aesthetics, the glamour and sense of arrival that oozes from this interior design is perfect for those who demand the finer things in life but still want to live in and use their everyday space.

Set against a neutral backdrop, this lavish design incorporates a spectrum of colours including bronzes, golds, minks, taupes and greys. When married together in one palette, we are sure you will agree that the end result is magnificent; with just the right amount of pizzazz.

Sumptuous fabrics and decadent materials such as natural leather, viscose carpets and Emperador marble with its subtle sparkle veins add practicality and finish this look to perfection. The addition of accent golds within the structure of the case goods and the accessories brings luxury and interest to the look and adds depth to the neutral colour palette.

Don’t forget those all-important window dressings which Touched can make to order, to your desired size and heading.

Get this designer look below and bespoke it to your size, finish and upholstery to suit your taste and requirements.


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