Home Cinemas & George Clooney’s Berkshire 17th Century Grade II Listed Mansion

This stunning piece of renovated architecture in a Berkshire village has sure been equipped with all the luxury amenities that are essential for the glamorous couple that are George and Amal Clooney.

Finished to perfection, the somewhat reported £20m renovation includes upgraded landscaping, spa, swimming pool, boat house, wine cellar and a reported 12 seater cinema, with of course all the added fabulous furnishings that we expect from an equally fabulous A-List couple.

The experts at Touched commented, “When it comes to home cinemas the costs can easily start mounting from anything from £25,000 to over a £1million. The amount of seating, specification of the sound and visual equipment and the all-important interior design, will play a key factor in just how much spend will be required to achieve that ideal space for the client”.

They added, “The one thing that we can guarantee is that a cinema by the designers and installers at Touched, will certainly create a cinematic experience that won’t be forgotten and will be worth every last pound”.



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