Kate Moss – The Supermodel Turns Interior Designer

Kate Moss has undertaken her very first luxury homes project in the English countryside and as with everything this supermodel puts her mind to, it’s a success.

Her subject being a designer barn farm-house in the Cotswolds which has an asking price of £2.5 million. The collaboration with John Hitchcox, a property entrepreneur is certainly one that has been finished to perfection.

Kate Moss's Interior Design Project.jpg
We simply love the contrast of gold mustard and dark teal blue! It’s one of the favourite combinations for the designers at Touched Interiors. Get the look with their luxury selection of bespoke sheer window dressings

“I’m branching out,” Moss told The Sunday Times, “I’d known John long enough that I could just phone him up to speak about it. There was a relationship already, rather than some stranger coming up and saying, ‘Do you want to do interiors?’ I wouldn’t have done that.”

Kate once again turned to her trusted source Katie Grove and added “I won’t do anything without her, She knows my taste exactly.” Kate describes the design as “eclectic”, “There’s the 1970s, there’s 1920s, there’s 1960s – the best bits of everything.”

Set within a generous plot of an acre of land and the offering of five bedrooms, extensive landscaping and an exterior swimming pool, ‘The Barnhouse with interiors by Kate Moss’ is inspired by silver undertones. “The first thing I said was there’s got to be silver coming in, because it’s surrounded by silver birch trees. It should feel like it’s living in nature”, Kate added.

Kates Moss's Interior Design Project Bedroom
Venetian inspired four-poster bed with a glamorous twist and a daring backdrop of Kate herself

Kate has achieved an admirable design by adding sumptuous textures with viscose carpets and soft furnishings, warm colour choices and the right amount of pop you would expect from such a fabulous supermodel. The statement rug in its earthly tones grounds the entire design in the living area and gives Kate the much-needed touch with nature she wanted. The oversized table lamps in the bedroom add drama and depth.

The opulent velvet sofas in gold mustard and dark teal blue, contemporary neutral window dressings, Venetian mirrored canopy bed, oversized plants and the designer log burner all add to the desirable luxury look. We love how Kate has mirrored the gold mustard from the living space into the dining area creating an effortless flow for the design.

Kate finishes the project with decadent prints, feature lighting and select portraits of herself in all the right places.

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