Touring the worlds most expensive hotel, the brainchild of Chinese billionaire Stephen Hung


Located in the gambling mecca of Macau, southern China, billionaire Stephen Hung has unveiled the first look inside his luxurious Baroque-inspired hotel which cost a staggering £11.5 billion. Catering for the elite, suites at “The 13” cost £5 million per room to build, with Hung investing £14 million in 30 customised Rolls-Royce Phantoms to chauffeur guests in style to and from their residence. Decorated with extravagant artwork, crystal chandeliers and art-covered ceilings lit by standing candelabras, The 13 ranks as the worlds most expensive hotel, describing itself as the ‘gateway to the refined and remarkable’. Nightly rates are yet to be disclosed but this lavish abode will certainly have a price tag that suits.

“This was a labour of love,” Mr. Hung said during an interview. “The team and I put every ounce of creativity and passion we had into this project to ensure every detail was perfect. Our guests, I believe, will find the result truly remarkable and beyond anything they have previously experienced.”

“Our brand represents a unique vision of a global luxury lifestyle based on strong bespoke traditions while embracing modern elements that enhance these traditions.”

As Elle Decor reports, “Dripping in gold and outfitted with scrollwork, elaborate frescoes, crystal chandeliers and chrome furnishings, The 13 is every bit the French manse. The “entry-level” Villa du Comte room (only a modest 2,000 square feet in size) boasts an expansive Roman bath, vaulted ceiling, neoclassical columns and a retractable marble floor.”

Gastronomy is at the heart of the luxury experience at The 13, with L’Ambroisie, the only Parisian restaurant to have maintained 3 Michelin stars continuously since 1988, as well as Tokugawa which centres its dining experience on serving the highest grade of Kobe beef, and many others offering guests a flamboyant yet sophisticated fine dining experience.

Touched Interiors | Opulent High Back Chair | £3,490.00
Touched Interiors | £3,490.00
Get the look of the luxurious guest suite above with the Opulent High Back Chair and stunning Gold & Glossy Cream Carved Royal Queen Bedstead available from Touched Interiors.

This exquisite chair is most certainly a talking piece with its grand imposing presence, with its elegant arched back and corseted waist line, this chair expresses richness and timeless elegance.

Available in a variety of finishes and bespoke upholstery, the Opulent High Back Chair is a stunning occasional chair that fits perfectly alongside the extravagant interior design of The 13, sitting humbly in a dressing room or alongside a desk.

The shape and stature of the chair reflects a contemporary mood with classic values. Items from this collection have been used in hotels across the world.

Touched Interiors | £10,500.00
This stunning Gold & Glossy Cream Carved Royal Queen Bedstead with its majestic headboard and golden details oozes the style and panache of The 13.

Grandeur is at the heart of this unique bedstead, from the intricate and ornate carvings of the headboard to the curved flow of the bedstead and feet.

Touched Interiors allows for this beautiful piece to be customised with any bespoke lacquered matte, gloss or high-gloss high gloss finish.

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