Christmas 2017: Luxury Stylist Gift Guide

Our luxurious Christmas 2017 Gift Guide has been expertly curated by our award winning interior stylists to showcase the thought of the designer, the skills of the artisan and the love and care of the all important generous gift giver. This festive season radiate opulence, glamour and style with this hand-picked selection, guaranteed to add an extra flair of excitement on Christmas morning.

New: The Luxury Gold Knotted Cherry

The Gold Knotted Cherry | Available in Gold & Rose Gold from £89.00 | Touched Interiors

The Gold Knotted Cherry puts a modern yet stylish twist on the traditional jewellery box. Featuring luxurious red quilt lining inside the capsule to keep your prize possessions safe, this unique brass polished cherry is available in Gold & Rose Gold, in both small and medium size variations making for a gorgeous eye catching stocking filler.

Touched D Italian Black Perfume Room Fragrance

Touched D Italian Black Perfume Room Fragrance | Available in 200ml & 500ml from £75.00 | Touched Interiors

Formulated to distinctly complement your home or selected interior, the Touched D Italian Black Perfume Room Fragrance ooze a distinguished scent, radiating opulence and sophistication throughout any chosen space.  Developed in the fashion capital of Italy, the Touched D Italian Black Perfume Room Fragrance pushes the boundaries of perfumery; with the long-lasting fragrance spreading its luxurious scent throughout your home for months. Stylishly and robustly packaged within a black and gold box, and presented with a unique leather bow, the Touched D Italian Black Perfume Room Fragrance makes for a perfect gift and home accessory.

Luxury Cougar Throw

Luxury Cougar Throw
Luxury Cougar Throw | Available in a verity of fur finishes from £410.00 | Touched Interiors

Irresistibly soft, the Luxury Cougar Throw is a sumptuous, deep piled faux fur throw, coloured with a melange of warm chocolate tones and covered with auburn highlights. Our luxury throws are World class and curated just for you. Complete your interior design to envious perfection with these glamorous additions. Bringing much-needed texture, colour and warmth to your chosen design space along with the added comfort you may need on a cold winters evening.

Luxury Cushions

Our sumptuous luxury cushions will bring any interior design to life. Create distinctive yet warm accents which are sure to impress any resident or guest in your modern or classic design space. Made with love and designed to bring glamour, opulence and extravagance.

Vifa Helsinki Sandstone Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Vifa Helsinki Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker | From £299.99 | Touched Interiors

The Vifa Helsinki is music to the ears of any audio lover, producing rich and powerful sound from it’s stylish Nordic design. The genuine leather-strap on the Vifa Helsinki allows you to carry it by hand anywhere you wish, and the Bluetooth technology allows you to play music from your smartphone or tablet wherever you choose.


The award-winning Touched Interiors® was founded to “bring visionary dream designs to reality.” We wanted design excellence not just for our interior design clients but for anyone who is passionate about interiors.  We travelled the World to bring to you not just furniture but pieces of sculptural art crafted by master artisans, that are alive with personality and presence, just waiting to be touched.

With the festive season quickly approaching, explore our full Christmas 2017 Gift Guide.

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